Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Govt says Jan Lokpal Bill will subvert democracy.

After dealing with Baba Ramdev's fast, UPA govt is going for a full-fledged war against Anna Hazare-led Jan Lokpal committee, maligning them, linking them with RSS and attacking them by calling the Jan Lokpal Bill an undemocratic process. Will the govt succeed in shutting the JLB out?
Midday cartoon


Teamgsquare said...

Awesome cartoon . How true!

Tintumon said...

We all know what this government did on Baba Ramdev and 40000 people at Ramleela ground in the midnight while they were sleeping. We can not believe this Congress and its leaders or ministers. We can not forgive them for the atrocities they did on people asking to bring our money kept in foreign Banks. Who can believe in the words of Digvijay or Sibel?

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