Friday, June 10, 2011

RIP Husainsaab!

The barefoot Picasso, MF Husain's demise brought up the unnecessary debate over his nude paintings again.
You may love him or you may hate him, but you cannot deny him the credit for giving Indian art a great respect and value, abroad.
RIP Husainsaab!

Midday cartoon


Ramakrishna S R said...

Very nice. Heaven can be a dull, grey place. :)

Rashmi Talwar said...

Jus love ur cartoons !!

There is the drawing side, the humour, the colors, the thought ...absolute synchronization ...Jus beautiful ...althou u sent me a friend request ..on the converse I have becum a big fan of ur work !

Satish Acharya said...

Thanks Rashmiji.
Huge compliment for me.
Thank you.

Satish Acharya said...

Ram, thanks so much.

Navendu Mahodaya said...

Dear Satish,

Please send a test mail to


Unknown said...

Good one.

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