Saturday, June 11, 2011

US betrays India to bury 26/11 trial!

America's hypocrisy was evident again when India was betrayed again in the 26/11 Chicago trial. While Rana was let off by the court, Headley struck a deal with US not to be extradited to India.
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s said...

And I have absolutely not the slightest idea why India still keeps going to Sam and crying 'Pappa, pappa, see pak is beating me up. Pappa, pappa see Rana stabbed me and ran away.'

Unknown said...

Oh...what a fate! This betrayal will continue until and unless India stands up to the world and prove self-sufficiency. And that will take another 2020 or 2030.As if the earlier promises of "Developed India by 2020" is going to be fulfilled...sigh!

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